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From Photographers of Ontario
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Daniel Stewart - (CdaD71Canada Directory, 1871, John Lovell, Dated Jan 25, 1971 - (ROdigi))
Edward Hart
William J Fairfield
Samuel Askin
Charles E Perry <-1892->
George Martin - <?-1884-1886-?>
William Downs
Lorne Hunter
Alexis Hunter
H R Brewer - <?-1896-1907-?>
George E Maitland
Allen Bauslaugh - <?-1886-1888-?>
Robert Redmond

Turnberry Street - Stretton Block

(built 1873)

G A Page - 1873->1874
Frank Uren - 1874 -> Aug 1876(total loss fire) - <?-1876-1884-?>
W W Burgess - <?-1892-?>
Harvie J Strong


Paul Molby (C18911891 Canadian Census, Census taken as of 6 Apr 1891. The age given is the age on their last birthday.)