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Currently, if someone were to carefully go through this list, they would find some name duplications.

In a number of cases, the individuals would be separate persons and therefore the listings are legitimate.
In some cases, it's likely that the listings are the same person. There just hasn't been sufficient evidence
obtained so far to make it definitive.
In some cases, father & son share the same name but don't use the Sr. & Jr. designations. And some of the data isn't easily differentiated.

In some cases, an individual has taken advantage of their name, sometimes to gain an advantage, sometimes just because the other individual is no longer in business.
A case in point is Samuel Jarvis and Samuel J Jarvis, uncle and nephew. Once the uncle went out of business, the nephew used his uncle's gallery name and also occasionally dropped his middle initial (in specific instances), which he had not formerly done.

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