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Those who have contributed content to the site will have their names listed here, as well as having their name listed with the content donated.
Content may consist of imprints & photos, newspaper ads, directory ads, documents, bio information, etc.
A certain amount of donation must be reached before inclusion, but all those donating will have their name associated with the contribution.
Contributors will be listed in alphabetical order:
Individual Contributors

Donna Cole
Sheila Davidson
Gay King
Bob Lansdale
Colin MacCallum
Dan McCallum
Roger Miller
Alan Richards
John Rochon
Andrew Rodger

Archive & Museum Contributors

Archives of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto
Library & Archives Canada
Archives of Ontario
Stratford Archives
Waterloo Public Library
Kitchener Public Library
City of Ottawa Archives- problems obtaining original documents due to database setup & lack of direct access - must rely on staff
McCord Museum

Executive Members - (individuals not associated with a research entity may also be invited, based on their contributions)

Bob Lansdale - Editor - Photographic Historical Society Of Canada
Jill Delaney - Archivist - Library & Archives Canada
Andrew Rodger - Archivist (retired) Library & Archives Canada