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This section will cover a wide range of criminal transgressions by, or to, Ontario Photographers; but, as well, as their contributions to the science.

Police Use of Photography

Woodstock Burglar Aug 1892
Woodstock Burglar Aug 1892


Sep 1887
Ingersol Sep 1887


Reproducing Bills 1853
Reproducing Bills 1853


FraudNEWMARKETNov3 1905PO.jpg
Newmarket Nov 1905
CrimeWINDSORAug15 1912PO.jpg
Chatham 'White Slaver' Aug 1912
FraudESSEXOct5 1917PO.jpg
Chatham Fraud Oct 1917
FraudLEAMINGTONJan10 1918PO.jpg
Amhertsburg Fraud Jan 1918


1893 Nude Photos
1893 Nude Photos

Sexual Assault

RedmondACTONSep3a 1875PO.jpg
Sep 3 1875 - Part 1
RedmondACTONSep3b 1875PO.jpg
Sep 3 1875 - Part 2
RedmondACTONSep3c 1875PO.jpg
Sep 3 1875 - Part 3


YostWINDSORFeb7 1912PO.jpg
Shot in chest by 2 kids on Jan 29
Happened during attempted burglary
Clip ran Feb 1912


HershonWINDSORAug25 1910PO.jpg
Theft in Owen Sound Aug 1910
H Hershon