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Daguerrean Car

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U.S.A Cars
First instance found so far is George R Martin in Fredonia NY, July 1851

Feb. 1866 - Fire in Delhi NY. Three Dwellings Destroyed - "Between the hours of 12 and 1 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 6, the grocer store and dwelling of A. Belcher and Co. on the lower corner of the public square in this village was discovered to be on fire. The flames spread rapidly, and the building was pretty well on fire before fire companies were on the ground. Owing to the extreme cold weather and the unprotected condition of the hydrants, it was considerable time before even the adequate supply of water could be made available." "The shoe shop of Jacob Churchill, a temporary concern...(an old daguerreian car) between Belcher's and the Republican office was pulled down, and by dint of strenuous exertions the office of this paper was saved, although it was on fire once or twice.....The fire spread to the small buildings occupied by Mrs. Julia Patterson, and from here to the dwelling of James McCormack Jr., a large portion of which was pulled down to save the Methodist Church."

Lathrop, Milton S. Listed as a daguerreian in Ithaca, N.Y., 1850-1860. In 1850-1851 he was listed at 92 Owego Street. From 1854 to 1858 he listed a daguerreian CAR on East Water Street, with various residence addresses. In 1859-1860 he was listed without a business address, and lived on Lodi Street. He was sometimes also noted as a gardener. Interestingly enough, a newspaper advertisement in September, 1848, noted a daguerreian partnership of "Milton & Lathrop" formerly at 37 Owego Street. This is probably in error. Milton S. Lathrop was born in New York State in 1805

Leigh, John Noted as a daguerreian in South Carolina and Augusta, Ga. In July, 1849, Leigh advertised in Abbeville, S.C. for a short time. In January, 1850 he advertised in Edgefield, S.C. Later that year, and in 1851, he was in the firm of Leigh, Tucker (I.) and Perkins (J.W.) in Augusta, Ga. In 1853, 1854 and 1855 he visited Edgefield with a daguerreian car; by 1856 he operated a store in the town and used it as a base for his itinerant operations. In May, 1856 he was in partnership with Lyon in Laurens, S.C. In July the pair visited Clinton. In September Leigh and Chalmers (from Augusta) were in partnership in Edgefield. Another source places him in partnership as Leigh, Tucker and Perkins in Augusta 1850-1853

Vickery, J.H. Nothing is known of the daguerreian career of this operator until he advertised the sale of a daguerreian car on June 19, 1854 in central New York State. Vickery apparently owned the building that housed a photographic studio (#2 Broad Street). He ran the ad offering the equipment for over a year.

In the Fall of 1854, George W. Snell arrived in West Union, Iowa with a traveling daguerrean car, stopped on the public square and remained some time.

Cars have been located in:
Tavistock - J C Sutherland - late May 1894 - moved into office by year's end
Orangeville - J C Beemer sold in Apr 1863 to James B House
Stratford - C Cartwright sold Oct 1864 to M E Land who already had one