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CDVCarte de Visite - Usually an albumen print 2⅛" × 3½" mounted on a card 2½" × 4¼" - Carroll

Soapes & Groves (CdaD65-6Canada Directory, 1865-6, Mitchell & Co, Undated - (ROdigi))
Deloss P Groves
John Howey 1873 -?>
J Pollard & Son
James Pollard
Charles D Gamble
? Carroll
W J Calvert - (CdaD64-5Canada Directory, 1864-5, J L Mitchell, Dated January 1864 - (ROdigi))
Harlow Palmer - (CdaD71Canada Directory, 1871, John Lovell, Dated Jan 25, 1971 - (ROdigi))
Jacob Chapman (CdaD65-6Canada Directory, 1865-6, Mitchell & Co, Undated - (ROdigi)) 1866
Shattuck & Butler
A Bowers
Mrs H M Wiams
H H Schofield