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Early Alternatives

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Of course, the precursor to the photographer, was the artist; be it the portrait painter, landscape painter, the sculptor, etc.

But there was a special category of artist who led the way for the early photographer; the itinerant specialty artist.

There is a misconception that the photographer was the first artistic type to take his work directly to the masses. For a number of years, artists travelled from town to town selling miniatures as a quick & cheaper way to involve the masses in a much more affordable alternative to having a full portraiture done of one's self or one's family. Something which most could ill afford and which usually required a number of sittings in a set environment.

It appears to have started as early as 1819, and lasted 40+ years until photography became too much of a novelty & competitor.

MacaulayKINGSTONJul23 1819PO.jpg
July 1819
LikenessesMtlGaz06Sep 1827WM.jpg
Master Hankes 1827
T H Stevenson
Hamilton 1846
T H Stevenson
T H Stevenson
Hamilton 1848
T H Stevenson
Arthur Haycock
Kingston 1841
Arthur Haycock

A later alternative worked with the photograph to add colour

Henry Meyer
AmPhotoPorcelainOTTNov9 1860PO.jpg
Ottawa Nov 9 1860
Barrie Dec 19 1860
PhotoBARRIESep24 1862PO.jpg
Barrie Sep 1862

(more to come)