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Edward Davis

From Photographers of Ontario
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Edward Davis

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Personal Data:

In Business: <?-1881 -> 1922-?> [1] (DW1884Mercantile Agency Reference Book, January 1884, Dun Wiman & Co, Undated (ROdigi)) -> (DUN1920DMercantile Agency Reference Book, September 1920, R G Dun & Co, Undated (ROdigi) '''NOTE:''' ''This is the final book in this series to which we have access'')

Location: Niagara Falls

Obituary: See Obit

(CdaD90-1Dominion of Canada Business Directory, 1890-1891) shown in Niagara Falls Centre

(DUN1908BMercantile Agency Reference Book, July 1908, R G Dun & Co, Undated (ROdigi)) added Fancy Goods

References & Notes

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(DW1883Mercantile Agency Reference Book, July 1883, Dun Wiman & Co, Undated (ROdigi))Fancy Goods