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From OPL "statement" 
== Correction ==

This section is about errors contained in book format as well as posted on the web. (if you find an error on this site, contact the webmaster)

This site will track published errors about photographers, both in text and on-line formats. Unfortunately, errors in book format cannot be changed, but we will try to provide a forum containing a central index to track these errors. Some books, like the Ontario Photographer's Lists, have so many errors & omissions, that an entire category will be devoted to them. Other books, like Daguerreotypists in Canada 1839-1871, have fewer errors but relied too heavily on the (OPLOntario Photographer's List, 2 volumes:1851-1900 & 1901-1925 - no references listed and no bibliography supplied - a source of many errors & omissions due to its limited source of just directory material).
Most other errors will be those of the web site variety and these will be posted under the name of the entity which has posted the error. In all cases, the host site will be contacted about the error and asked to rectify it. We will post the error, the contact date, and when or if the error has been corrected.
In most cases, those contacted simply ignore the contact as historical accuracy is not a concern. Admitting an error is not in their repetoire as they consider themselves authorities on the subject and refuse to admit their mistakes.
Library & Archives Canada
McCord Museum
Royal BC Museum
Errors/City of Ottawa
Errors/Cramahe Library