Unfortunately, there has been insufficient support to justify the continuation of this site. The PHSC was supposedly interested to assume the site, but there has been no contact in months &
my last Email went answered. A typical research trip costs $1500->$2000 and donations this year wouldn't pay for train fare in one direction, much less 2 trips a year for 3-5 years to more completely finish the site.
The site will be deleted around Xmas or maybe before. Those who have contributed a decent donation of card data may contact me in the next 2 months & receive a different Email address for help down the road.
I will contact the few who donated money.
The site is closing because I will not maintain an incomplete research project, especially after so much criticism over the past couple of years about posting incomplete data.
The site is too large to post on a CD-ROM & does not lend itself to be posted in book format.
Maybe in 5 to 10 years I will change my mind and try to finish this. It may be that some private foundation will be interested. Maybe I'll live forever. We'll see.

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