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How to Use This Web Site

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This web site uses the same software as the famous WikiPedia. One may go to to see how it works and actually use a sandbox to test and learn.
Since most people on the web are generally too lazy to actually do something that drastic, there are some hints listed below for a stream-lined usage.

At the bottom of almost every page you will see a line similar to:
Categories | Photographer | Employees | Carleton County | Ottawa 
By clicking on an individual word, you will get a listing of the items in that category.
i.e. clicking on the word "Categories", you will get a complete listing of all categories in the system.
Similarly, clicking on "Photographer" will list all photogs in the system, "Employees" a complete list of employees, 
"Ottawa" a list of all photogs in Ottawa, etc.
As well, some shortcuts to themost commonly used categories are posted in the "navigation" box to the left to save time.
References are denoted by a number that has been printed in superscript format, similar to the format used in books.
All references are listed at the bottom of the page in question, but if you click on the superscripted number, 
a pop-up box will appear with the data contained within the reference.
Conversely, if you are looking at the "References & Notes" section at the bottom of a large page which has a lot of references,
you may click on the "up" arrow beside the number of the entry and the page will shift so that that reference is at page top.
Throughout the site, there are a large number of single entries that have a broken underline beneath them.
By holding the cursor on one of these entries; Firstly, a question mark will appear, then Secondly, the definition
of that term will appear in a tool-tip entry
Mostly, they define the Directories quoted throughout the site, but they also list definitions, terminology, etc
The page where they get the data is listed at the left, in the "navigation" box, called "Terminology"
The page itself will also give an indication of where most of the directories, etc can be obtained or accessed.

More items will be posted as the site matures.

Some variations may be built which are not common to this software. If you are having problems with these, send an email explaining the problem,
and help may be posted.