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James K Benson

From Photographers of Ontario
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Employee: <?-1922-?> (PoD23Peterborough Directory 1923)

Location: Peterborough
Employee: <?-1923-1939-?> See: Lewis R Parks
Location: Peterborough ptr(PoD23Peterborough Directory 1923->PoD26Peterborough Directory 1926) - fnshr(PoD29Peterborough Directory 1929->PoD36Peterborough Directory 1936) - (PoD37Peterborough Directory 1937->PoD40Peterborough Directory 1940)


(PoD23Peterborough Directory 1923) 545 Bethune
(PoD24Peterborough Directory 1924->PoD26Peterborough Directory 1926) 122 Park N
(PoD27Peterborough Directory 1927->PoD31Peterborough Directory 1931) h.191 Stewart
(PoD32Peterborough Directory 1932->PoD34Peterborough Directory 1934) h.310 Margaret Av
(PoD35Peterborough Directory 1935->PoD40Peterborough Directory 1940) h.7 Monaghan