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John R Connon

From Photographers of Ontario
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Personal Data: - 1862->1931
In Business: <?-1887-1915-?> (FBizD97HWWFarmer's & Business Directory Vol XI, 1897, Union Publishing, Halton - Waterloo - Wellington, Undated (ROdigi)) (WOntD98-9Western Ontario Gazetteer & Directory 1898-99, Undated - (ROdigi))(FBizD99HWWFarmer's & Business Directory Vol XII, 1899, Union Publishing, Halton - Waterloo - Wellington, Undated (ROdigi)) (FBizD06)

Location: Elora
Obituary: See Obit

(FBizD95GWWFarmer's & Business Directory Vol IX, 1895, Union Publishing, Grey - Waterloo - Wellington, Undated (ROdigi)) listed as Robert Connon in biz list

Patent: the panoramic camera, where the lens rotates at a speed equal to the film going in the opposite direction. With the camera came the principle of placing film rolls in the front corners of the camera.
Also took pictures using the very first transparent film, sold in New York in 1890. (UnpUnproven as yet as yet)