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This site will show CDV, Cabinet Photo & Photograph imprints and attempt to date the photos from these marks.
As well, card stock and photo studio backdrops will also be used when available to further clarify dating. For individual photographers from each area,
data will be from newspaper ads, city directories, family research, as well as relying on contributions from photography clubs, research at the LACLibrary & Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa in Ottawa,
local museums, galleries, archives and historical societies, etc.

This update is dated Octember 2018 and will be the last update this year.
About 9,000 sample imprints installed, photog listings are over 3,200, and Galleries over 640. Over 1,000 Employees have been added (mainly in Toronto)

The site is still a work-in-progress but a number of photog datings have been completed.
Any postings, such as those in Newmarket (amongst others) that have been high-lighted for both the photog & the date ranges, are considered complete,
as far as the "in business" dates are concerned. There may still be data missing from the photogs individual pages.

Emphasis has shifted to properly dating individual entries. Credit rating reports are being integrated into the dating structure and should take about a year or so to finalize (except for Toronto).
Those counties being updated will depend on which museums & archives choose to be involved.

The London page has been re-done and the Ottawa page updated. A lot of data has been added due to the acquisition of the credit rating reports for Ontario.

  • Note: No help is available to non-contributors due to time constraints, but donors and contributors will be helped to the extent their contributions warrant.