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Mrs Jane Powell

From Photographers of Ontario
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Personal Data: b.-c1852
In Business: <?-1897-1901-?> (FBizD99U)

Location: 165 Princess St, Kingston (KnD97-8)(KnD98-9)(OoD01)
In Business: <?-1899-1908-?> (EOntD98-9Eastern Ontario Gazetteer & Directory 1898-99, Ontario Publishing & Advertising Co, Undated - (ROdigi))(CdaD14Dominion of Canada & Newfoundland Gazetteer, 1914)
Location: 167 Princess St, Kingston (KnD99-0)(BizPro99-00Business & Professional Directory of Ontario, Union Publishing Co (Ingersoll 1899) (ROdigi)) (OaD99)(KnD02-3)(KnD03-4FKingston Directory Volume X, July 1903-July 1904, J G Foster & Co, Undated (ROdigi))(OoD02-3Business & Professional Directory of all Cities in Ontario Vol III, 1902-1903, Union Publishing, Undated (ROdigi))(BizPro02-3Business & Professional Directory Edition III, 1902-1903, Union Publishing Co (ROdigi))(KnD05-6FKingston Directory Volume XII, July 1905-July 1906, J G Foster & Co, Undated (ROdigi))(KnD06-7GHKingston City Directory Edition I, July 1906-July 1907, Guild & Hanson, Undated (ROdigi)) (CdaD07-8Dominion of Canada Business Directory, 1907-1908)(KnD07-08)(KnD08-09)
Obituary: See Obit

(KnD09-0) - still at 167 Princess (upstairs) - no indication of still being in business - son not listed


J Haffell Powell (KnD97-8)(KnD98-9)(KnD99-0) - lvslives at.-163/165 Princess St (KnD99-0)lvslives at.-167 Princess St
(KnD00-1)->(KnD08-9) - no listing