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Name Alterations

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Tennyson W Edwards - first name spelling was altered to Tennison for a number of years but by (ToD10MToronto City Directory Volume XXXV, 1910, Might Co, Dated January 1910(ROdigi)), he had altered his name to Edward W Tennyson. A few years later, it reverted back.

David H Stoddart was listed variously as D H Stoddart, Harry Stoddart, D Harry Stoddart, Harry D Stoddart,

James L W Armstrong listed variously as J L Wilfred Armstrong, Wilfred J Armstrong

J Edward Terryberry, after his partnership Thomas & Terryberry terminated, altered his name to Jacob E Terryberry in (ToD98MToronto City Directory Volume XXIII, 1898, Might & Co, Undated(ROdigi)). It reverted to the original in (ToD99MToronto City Directory Volume XXIV, 1899, Might & Co, Dated January 13 1899(ROdigi))