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Patents were issued beginning with #1, granted June 8, 1824. They continued up to #3325, granted August 7, 1871.
With the new Patent Act, the numbering system restarted on January 1, 1869, with dozens granted as of that date.
The Patent Office was opened in 1873.

Click on the "Patent Number" for the application page, or on the "Patent Holder" to see their page.

Patent Title Patent Holder
1862.06.09 A New Process for taking Photographs, called Weaver's Process Samuel Weaver, Humberstone, Ont
1867.01.28 A New & Useful Art of taking Photographic Pictures representing winter scenes by artificial means, with or without figures William Notman, Montreal, PQ
179 1869.11.08 1869.12.15 A Process of Enamelling Photographs William Craig, Brampton, Ont
3181 1874.02.09 1874.03.06 Machine for Burnishing Photographs George Mortin, Orwell, Ont
6324 1876.04.13 1876.07.17 Machine for Mounting Photographs on Cards Robert Sheane, Listowel, Ont
6380 1876.06.26 1876.07.31 A Process of Preparing Photographic and Plate Printing Paper Thomas Doney, London, Ont
6632 1876.09.25 1876.10.07 Art of Giving Color to Photographs Clara C S Franks, Toronto, Ont
7055 1876.12.23 1877.02.09 Art and Process of Finishing and MountingPhotographic Portraits Frank N Forster, Hamilton, Ont
8790 1878.03.27 1878.05.16 Process of Colouring Photographic Pictures John S Hulett, Napanne, Ont
11485 1880.06.18 1880.07.10 Improvements in Photography John A Fraser Jr Toronto, Ont
14264 1882.02.04 1882.02.27 Improvements on the mode of Exhibiting Photographs and Frames Therefor John Dewe, Ottawa, Ont
17288 1883.06.08 1883.07.16 Apparatus for Changing and Storing Photographers Backgrounds and and Other Moveable Scenery William E Lindop, St. Thomas, Ont
21546 1884.06.30 1885.04.28 Machine for Applying Photographic Emulsion to Photographic Plates Theodore Snell, Toronto, Ont
Eli J Palmer, Toronto, Ont
29320 1888.05.06 1888.06.?? Submarine Photographic Apparatus Joseph L'Etoile. Ottawa, Ont
William A Allan Ottawa, Ont
30143 1888.08.27 ?? Photographic Instrument John R Connon, Elora, Ont
36342 1891.01.09 1891.04.08 Apparatus for Photographic Negative Vignetting John Nicholson Gray, St Marys, Ont
40527 1892.05.16 1892.10.01 Tank for Photographic Uses Alfred R Ward, Toronto, Ont
41645 1892.03.14 1893.01.17 Holder for Photographs George F Bambridge, Toronto, Ont
46882 1893.12.05 1894.08.21 Devices for Cutting Cards with Bevelled Edges for Photograph Mounts Bernard McHugh, Ottawa, Ont
123634 1908.09.08 1910.02.01 Photographic Printing Machine George Thompson, Toronto, Ont
125247 1910.01.17 1910.04.26 Photographic Printing Machine William Rufus Barefoot, Toronto, Ont
James Albert Belford, Toronto, Ont
132888 1911.02.16 1911.05.09 View and Focus Finder for Cameras George Sydney Brett, Toronto, Ont
134860 1910.11.24 1911.08.08 Camera Mechanism Edwin Arthur Lovell, Bowmanville, Ont
142554 1912..02.28 1912.08.27 Photographic Lighting Apparatus Frank Hurndall, Paris, Ont
144131 1912.06.22 1912.11.19 Photographic Developing Tank Wilbert Leslie Chambers, Brantford, Ont
Norman DeLome Merrill, Brantford, Ont
145098 1912.07.08 1912.12.31 Photographic Printing Machine Andrew Harmon Wallace, St Catherines, Ont
147386 1912.12.28 1913.04.15 Photographic Printing Device Andrew Harmon Wallace, St Catherines, Ont
155649 1914.02.12 1914.05.12 Photographic Printing Device Andrew Harmon Wallace, St Catherines, Ont
159667 1913.05.05 1914.12.22 Camera Ernest V Banks, Toronto, Ont
165976 1915.07.05 1915.11.09 Apparatus for Reversing the Shadows in Photography, Painting, etc Washington George Rounds, Woodstock, Ont
166849 1915.11.08 1915.12.28 Dry Mount for Photographs George Ernest Clark, Ottawa, Ont
167080 1915.08.30 1916.01.11 Camera Robert Lockyer, Point Edward, Ont
168314 1915.02.06 1916.03.21 Photographic Film Pack Maurice H W Clayton, Toronto, Ont
168315 1915.02.10 1916.03.21 Photographic Film Maurice H W Clayton, Toronto, Ont
190705 1919.03.20 1919.06.03 Photographic Mount Nathaniel Levy, Toronto, Ont