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Photog Definition

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Contributions to the Definition

- I'd suggest that a photographer is one who personally makes images by the use of a 'camera.'
Someone who knows how to use a 'copy camera' is a photographer.
An artist who 'works on a photo' is not a photographer.
An artist who 'works with a photog' is not a photographer - more likely, an assistant or art director.
- One 'photographer' may only be capable of recording images thru a microscope and nothing else, while another
is able to shoot portraits, landscapes, people, babies, weddings, industry, politicians, news events, etc., etc.
The difference between 'photographers' is measured by their limited speciality vs a wide range of photographic
George Dunbar (PHSC Member)

- In general I agree with George but there is an issue here, do we extend the label photographer to anyone who
puts an image onto a sensitized medium---someone strictly in graphic arts...the printing technology. This would
be someone who would be very skilled in the use of a copy camera and certain aspects of sensitometry but who
would in most instances be preparing someone else's images in the preparation of printing plates. Is this
technician a photographer in the strictest sense of the word?
- We are dealing with two aspects. One is the technical skill of putting the image onto a sensitized surface.
The other is the aesthetic skills required in putting together the content of the image. You cannot have the
second without the first but you can have the first without the second...or can on.
- The 'photographer' using a point and shoot digital camera needs none of the first skills since they are built
into the camera but the issue is further complicated by the contemporary necessity to handle the infinitely
variable pixel. We are all familiar with the photograph that is barely recognizable once it has been processed
by someone skilled in Photoshop. It is now possible to produce images (indistinguishable from photographs) in
the computer that have never seen a camera.
- Is the man who puts up cameras at intersections to catch drivers crossing on red, a photographer?
Stan White (PHSC Member)