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Photographers of Ontario:General disclaimer

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The main thrust of this site is to give proven dates as to when specific photogs were in business,
and where they were located at those times.
As much as possible, an attempt will be made to associate certain imprints with specific dates so users
are able to date their photographs.
Dating will be backed up mainly by newspaper ads and notices.

No reliance is placed on published material, as much of it is not researched properly and therefore inaccurate.

No reliance is placed on early biographical write-ups as they were mainly written to get advertising revenue.

There is no guarantee on Birthdates or Deathdates as these are mainly taken from census returns.
At no time will certificates be researched to ensure the dates are accurate.
If individuals donate certificates, obituaries, birth notices, etc, these will be posted.
Otherwise, no reliance should be placed on these dates. They are for reference only.