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From Photographers of Ontario
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James Esson - (WOnD98-9) (FBizD06)(FBizD15)
George Esson - 1871 census - age 54 - PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTIST (CdaD71Canada Directory, 1871, John Lovell, Dated Jan 25, 1971 - (ROdigi))Queen St
A C Moyer - (FBizD15)
George Stehle (CdaD65-6Canada Directory, 1865-6, Mitchell & Co, Undated - (ROdigi))
Elliott Law
Fred R Kelly
C J Roos (FBizD84-5BHWWFarmer's & Business Directory, 1884-1885, Vol 1, Union Publishing, Brant - Halton - Waterloo - Wentworth (ROdigi))