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Samuel McLaughlin

From Photographers of Ontario
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Personal Data: b.1826IRE d.1914LA

Occupation: Watchmaker

Employee: <?-1869 -> 1874-?> - (OaD69-70SOttawa City Directory, 1869-70, James Sutherland, Undated - (ROdigi))(OaD74-5WOttawa City Directory, 1874-5, A S Woodburn, Undated - (ROdigi))(ToD75FTToronto City Directory, 1875, Fisher & Taylor, Corrected to January 1 1875, Dated January 31 1875(ROdigi))

Location: Dept of Public Works (engineering branch) - (OaD75WOttawa City Directory, 1875, A S Woodburn, Dated October 1875 - (ROdigi))no listing

(OaD80WOttawa City Directory, 1880, A S Woodburn) gov't photog
Employee: <?-1882 -> 1893-?> - (OaD82WOttawa City Directory, 1882, A S Woodburn, Undated - (ROdigi)) -> (OaD93-4MOttawa City Directory Vol XX, 1893-1894, Might's Directory Co, Dated June 22, 1893 (ROdigi)) h.-201 Maria

Location: Railways & Canals, Ottawa - (OaD81WOttawa City Directory, 1881, A S Woodburn, Dated August 1881 - (ROdigi))(OaD95-6MOttawa City Directory Vol XXII, 1895-1896, Might's Directory Co, Undated, (ROdigi)) no listing

Obituary: See Obit

Worked as gov't photog Public Works 1861?

(OaD95-6MOttawa City Directory Vol XXII, 1895-1896, Might's Directory Co, Undated, (ROdigi)) Daniel A McLaughlin - Railways & Canals & Public Works - lvslives at.-201 Maria