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From Photographers of Ontario
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J W Armstrong
Charles Arthur
Samuel G Aselstine - (WOntD98-9Western Ontario Gazetteer & Directory 1898-99, Undated - (ROdigi))
Thomas Bauslaugh - (CdaD71Canada Directory, 1871, John Lovell, Dated Jan 25, 1971 - (ROdigi))
G A Briggs
John H Butler
W W Forsythe
William Hendricks (CdaD65-6Canada Directory, 1865-6, Mitchell & Co, Undated - (ROdigi))
Isaac Horning - (CdaD64-5Canada Directory, 1864-5, J L Mitchell, Dated January 1864 - (ROdigi))
Jackson & Oaks - (CdaD64-5Canada Directory, 1864-5, J L Mitchell, Dated January 1864 - (ROdigi))
H McMichael
Hezekiah McMichael
Everett S E Moore (OoD06Ontario Commercial Year Book & Gazetteer, 1906, Undated - (ROdigi))
Thomas Murphy (CdaD57-8Canada Directory, 1857-8, John Lovell, Corrected to November 1857 - (ROdigi))
Perry Brothers
C E Perry & Bro
George R Perry - <?-1882-1898-?>
I J Wadsworth
William Western - (WOntD98-9Western Ontario Gazetteer & Directory 1898-99, Undated - (ROdigi))
D T McCall

Perry Family history (supplied speculation)
It's likely that Charles E Perry started in photography on his own and brought his brother into the business.
As his brother gained experience, Charles made him a partner and the business name changed to reflect this.
It's likely that the partnership dissolved in the fall of 1878 as Charles buys out the business of John J Millman in Woodstock and opens as C E Perry.
G R Perry carries on in Simcoe.