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T Eaton & Co/Employees

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1917 Toronto Directory

Listed as Photogs Listed as Asst Photogs Listed as Photo Finishers Listed as Photo Mounters Listed as Photo Printers

Eva A Abraham
Samuel Achber
Bertram Baxter
Ethel Bessett
Benjamin J Blake
John H Boyd
Henry G Davidson
James Duncan
Ernest Farrington
Jessie Faulds
Frederick H Foster
Frederick C Gough
Teresa Howard
Cornelius Krieghoff
Hilda Lee
Margaret MacDonald
Mary Norcott
Ruth V Parker
Anna D Piper
Walter Rutherford
Nettle Scott
Francis Selby
Harry Shaw
Lily Smith
Walter Smith
George W Stroud
Mabel C Surdam
Percy T Wallis
Elsie Watson
J Osborne Whidden