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Thomas A Cairns

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Personal Data: Thomas A Cairns b.-1870.12.06 d.-1924.12.06 w.-Ida
Employee: <?-1901-?>

Location: Sarnia

In Business: <?-1906-?>

Location: Victoria St, Sarnia (OoD06Ontario Commercial Year Book & Gazetteer, 1906, Undated - (ROdigi)) (CdaD07-8Dominion of Canada Business Directory, 1907-1908)

In Business: <?-1914-1920-?> (CdaD14Dominion of Canada & Newfoundland Gazetteer, 1914) (DUN1920DMercantile Agency Reference Book, September 1920, R G Dun & Co, Undated (ROdigi) '''NOTE:''' ''This is the final book in this series to which we have access'')

Location: 152 Victoria St N, Sarnia (SaD16-7VCity of Sarnia Directory Edition IV, 1916-1917, Henry Vernon & Son, Dated May 1, 1916 - (ROdigi))(SaD17)h-150 Victoria

In Business: <?-1920-?> (CdaGaz20)

Location: St Thomas

In Business: <?-18xx-?>

Location: Forest

Obituary: See Obit

said to have retired in 1923

(CdaD22Dominion of Canada Business Directory, 1922)(CdaD25Dominion of Canada Business Directory, 1925) Sarnia