If you wish this site to continue past this point, consider a donation to ensure it's continuation & accurate completion because it's now closed due to lack of public participation.
Since it's been noted that "there have been about a zillion times over the past few years where I too have not been able to access his site", there appears no reason to fund this site personally any longer.
Since it began, less than $125 has been raised, & one of those donations was $50 by one of the site's past supporters. The amount covers a miniscule fraction of the expenses over the past 15-20 years.
While I've had many state how much they have used the site, & how important it was in their research, the site isn't important enough to them to asist in it's upkeep. My money is better spent on my other research sites.

(Credit cards or PayPal may be used by clicking on the "Donate" icon in the Navigation section to your left. Don't wait until the site is deleted entirely.

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