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Photog Rivalries/1871 Hamilton Rivalry

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The episode in question occurred between Notman & Fraser and James Inglis, although Inglis himself does not appear to be much of a participant, at least in the narrow confines of the episode. Notman & Fraser are based in Toronto and James Inglis is located in Montreal. But, Inglis is opening up a second location in Hamilton.

The incident was a newspaper ad placed by Notman & Fraser on Jan 11, 1871 in the Hamilton Spectator.
Ad Arranged Jan 1871Ran until Mar 29, 1871

Essentially, the ad tells the world that Notman & Fraser placed first in 6 different categories at the Provincial Exhibition the previous October and that Inglis was second best.
THe ad ran daily and there was no response from Inglis until the ad he arranged on Jan 23, 1871 to announce his opening on Jan 29.
Ad Arranged Jan23 1871Replaced Mar 28, 1871 There is simply a 2 line response to the Notman & Fraser ad: "Messrs. Notman & Fraser's advertisement concerning me is not true."

Inglis posted a new ad on Jan 28 which merely had an addendum stating the opening was delayed to Feb 01, 1871.
Ad Arranged Jan23 1871Replaced Jan 28, 1871

On Feb 03, Inglis arranged a new ad. There was no mention of the Notman & Fraser ad at all. This ad ran for a week or so and then there were no more ads.
Not unusual as Hamilton does not seem to have been a city where its photogs ran ads for no reason. They announced openings and sometimes specials but it was the rare photog who ran ads on a continuous basis.

In spite of Inglis not continuing his ads, the Notman & Fraser ad ran until Mar 29, when it was replaced on Mar 30, 1871.
The ad emphasized the lines "Photographers to the Queen and Royal Family" and the ad could be interpreted as being directed to affect the Inglis business as Notman & Fraser do not seem to have been as aggressive as this in any other markets aside from Hamilton.

Ad Arranged Mar 30 1871Ran for some time

Why the Animosity?
Obviously, John A Fraser came from the Notman establishment in Montreal (Fall 1869)

VictoriaSkatingRinkMar1 1870PO.jpg MontrealAdsNotman&InglisFeb25a 1870PO.jpg MontrealAdsNotman&InglisFeb25b 1870PO.jpg MontrealAdsNotman&InglisFeb26 1870PO.jpg N&FHAMApr3a 1871PO.jpg N&FHAMApr3b 1871PO.jpg